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The Fiery Cross (Random House LCC US)

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Artikelnummer: 9780440221661

The dazzling fifth volume of Diana Gabaldon& #8217 s  extraordinary Outlander saga,  featuring 18th-century Scotsman James Fraser and his 20th-century time-traveling wife, Claire Randall. The year is 1771, and war is coming. Jamie Fraser& #8217 s wife tells him so. Little as he wishes to, he must believe it, for hers is a gift of dreadful prophecy& #8212 a time-traveler& #8217 s certain knowledge. Born in the year of Our Lord 1918, Claire Randall served England as a nurse on the battlefields of World War II, and in the aftermath of peace found fresh conflicts when she walked through a cleftstone on the Scottish Highlands and found herself an outlander, an English lady in a place where no lady should be, in a time& #8212 1743& #8212 when the only English in Scotland were the officers and men of King George& #8217 s army. Now wife, mother, and surgeon, Claire is still an outlander, out of place, and out of time, but now, by choice, linked by love to her only anchor& #8212 Jamie Fraser. Her unique view of the future has brought him both danger and deliverance in the past her knowledge of the oncoming revolution is a flickering torch that may light his way through the perilous years ahead& #8212 or ignite a conflagration that will leave their lives in ashes.... Grand, sweeping, utterly unforgettable, The Fiery Cross is riveting entertainment, a vibrant tapestry of history and human drama.

ISBN 978-0-440-22166-1
Abmessungen (B/H/T) 177x110x65mm
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