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English - Tigrigna Dictionary (Gardners Books)

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This is a new and fully updated edition of the Paperback English Tigrigna dictionary, offers over 738 pages of definitions. It covers all the words you need for everyday use in Tigrigna, The words have been carefully selected after consulting a database of newspapers and Tigrigna contemporary literature. The author has also made the definitions clearer than before. This portable and affordable dictionary is perfect for general reference at home, at school, or in the office. Tigrinya, also spelled Tigrigna is an ancient Semitic language spoken by the Tigray-Tigrinya people in central Eritrea. It is one of the main working languages in the country. It is also spoken in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia and among groups of emigrants from these regions worldwide, including some of the Beta Israel now living in Israel. There are nearly five million speakers of Tigrigna today.

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